UP 2 U.S. Digital Mural

‘UP 2 U.S.” Together, WE can be the change WE want to see in the world.

Utilizing my artistic voice for good of the people

Digital Mural Art
Every Major Convention Center in the Country
Goldman Global Arts, When We All Vote, Michelle Obama

The “When We All Vote” project means a lot to me. Growing up in St. Louis, MO, I remember my grandmother, faithfully, driving to the polls and exercising her right to vote. From local elections to U.S. Presidents, you name it. She was there. She told me, “You have a voice so don’t be shy to use it.” As I humbly accept my invitation to utilize my artistic voice for good of the people, I promise to create a piece of art that inspires free speech, Hope, love and unity. “UP 2 U.S.” is an exhibition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ s “I’ve Been to the MountainTop” speech. As we stand on the shoulders of our American ancestors who declared their humanity with the right to vote, it’s our duty to use our voices and ballots to unite and walk side by side into our Peace Filled Promised Land.

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UP 2 U.S. Digital Mural

‘UP 2 U.S.”: I’m honored to partner with When We All Vote, Goldman Global Arts, and Jessica Goldman to inspire you to pledge to vote this November. Check out my artwork across the country!